A child becoming at its mother’s womb A man finally at peace in his tomb Two lovers becoming one A mother embracing her son A moment of divine inspiration An artwork in the process of creation Connecting to God beyond language and prayers Beneath the veil and invisible barriers The most beautiful things Happen when […]


Nothing is ever casual about sex Casual sex is coward’s sex An empty charade Where no one really ‘takes off’ anything The “hit-and-run” culture Has created a generation of cowards Afraid to look into themselves Afraid to relate to others Because everything is oh-so-painful Everything is offensive But how can you ask others for intimacy […]

I Love You

By Diana Diamond “I love you” is a liability A heavy burden; a responsibility “Let’s just have fun,” you say Let’s have fun until you decay till all of your beauty fades away I waste your life; 3 months at a time I get what I want in this victimless crime “I love you” is…


I miss teeth gaps, I miss cute overbites, I miss crooked noses, I miss bare faces and mature skin… I miss all the things that make us human, and I truly find them beautiful. These features are violently omitted and “corrected” in this wealthy part of the world, where an altered face is far more […]