The Sacred Cycle

Ah, Periods. That dreaded time of the month, that embarrassing subject we never address. That eternal stigma, if I may say, that makes the modern-day woman feel inferior. It’s amazing how we went – as a humanity – from celebrating periods as a sacred time to having it reduced as a mere hurdle that we…

Moon Cycle

Dana Al Rashid is a writer and artist from Kuwait.?She writes in?Al Jarida?newspaper and has also published English poems and articles in various magazines, often times illustrated.?In her blog: “Reflecting?Moon”, more intimate poetry and articles can be found. ?

On Body Positivity

Hello everyone! My article has been featured in the first issue of Daloo3a magazine! Read it here or read the illustrated version below: Body Positivity: The International vs. Regional Case “Body Positivity” is a term we often hear in social media, and maybe casually discussed between us girls in the region. Viral videos and images […]

First Aid for the Heart

Pain is a natural (and integral) part of our lives. An existence without friction is often an empty one that rarely amounts to much.?Pain polishes and refines us so the best of us can shine through. However, sometimes the pain is too much to bear. Intensely painful experiences can pull us down and get us…