10 Reasons Why I Hate Kuwait

Hate is a strong word, but I unfortunately have such feelings towards my own country. Kuwait looked promising in the economic and cultural boom it experienced in the 60’s and 70’s, but from the mid 80’s onwards, things went downhill. While Kuwait is slowly opening up in terms of personal freedoms, there is still a […]

10 Golden Rules of Dating

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? I’m not a relationship expert. Heck, I have my own hiccups about the whole relationship thing. However, there are patterns that I noticed in human relationships, especially in dating and romance. Many of these are age-old wisdom, rooted in tradition, but for some reason, we never listen. Here, I…

Quarantine Dating

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(Artwork by Kim Fujiwara). We live in such unsexy times. Nobody is getting out and no bodies are receiving physical contact. All these beautiful bodies, hungry to be touched, and all that alluring, lacey lingerie stacked away; patiently waiting to be worn and adorned, just to be torn. To my…

Covid Thoughts

Geez, there’s just so much to say about these testing times. And hey, for some of us, they are not so testing at all, but a rather full and enriching time of self-reflection. I am one of those people. I used to feel lonely all the time, but not anymore, now that everyone is locked […]

Quarantine Beauty

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In these difficult times, it can be a challenge to maintain your health and beauty, or having the motivation or drive to do so. But if you can change your perspective a little bit, you will see that the quarantine is quite the blessing in disguise. Here I will demonstrate…